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The Visit

One of my favorite parts of being an author is connecting with readers! I love to inspire both middle and high school students by talking about the themes around The Girl Who Wasn't Chosen and my own journey to publishing as a high school student. 

Middle School (5-8) Visits: 

This talk is geared towards entertaining and inspiring middle school students. It includes a fun game for students and focuses on the novel's themes of gratitude, confidence, and hard work. It also explains how I got the idea for the novel as a middle school student. It is ideal for class meetings/convocations with an entire grade or middle school. The talk is 1 hour including questions and a book signing afterwards. 

High School (9-12) Visits: 

These talks focus more on the writing and publication process of The Girl Who Wasn't Chosen, which I completed in high school. The talk is geared more towards students interested in creative writing or publishing. It is ideal for an english/creative writing class or writing club. The event typically lasts 30-40 minutes.

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My Story 


You may be asking what makes The Girl Who Wasn't Chosen unique? Why have A.y. Johlin come to our school? 

One of the unique aspects of my story is that I published my novel as a high school student. I've found myself being able to inspire and better relate to both high school and middle school students because of this. When speaking to middle schools, I often elaborate on how the book's themes stem directly from my own experiences in middle school while in high school I explain my journey at their age to publishing. 

Book Talk Experience: 

Bryn Mawr Middle School 

Bryn Mawr High School: Entire High School

Roland Park Country School: Entire Middle School

Gerstell Academy: High School Creative Writing Class


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"I loved the book! The fantasy world is set up beautifully"
-L. Allen, age 13


Interested in Booking a Visit?

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States Available to Visit In Person:

Maryland (In-state)



General Rates: 

-Middle School In-State Visit: $100 OR guarantee of at least 20 books sold

-Middle School Out-Of-State Visit: $150 OR guarantee of at least 25 books sold

-Middle School Virtual Visit: $80 OR guarantee of at least 15 books sold

-Upper School In-State Workshop: $150 

-Upper School Out-Of-State Workshop: $200

-Upper School Virtual Workshop: $90

Dates Available:

In Person Visits

December 19-21

January 2-13

March 6-10

May 15-June 22


Contact me for specific times as my availability is more flexible!