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Hi there! I'm the teen author of The Girl Who Wasn't Chosen, a middle grade fantasy novel.

I also run a blog, where I write book reviews, advice for writers, and document my own writing journey.

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The Girl Who Wasn't Chosen

What would you do to be special?

Leda Roubis is used to being ignored. As the middle child of seven siblings, her whole life has been spent living in their numerous shadows.

Fortunately for her, the Skycharter, a mysterious prophet from a foreign world, has decided to visit her village to choose the Sun, a hero capable of freeing her country from a cursed land. The title promises Leda will never be ignored again. It’s just too bad he gives it to someone else instead.

But when the real Sun fails to stop bandits from wrecking her village and hurting her family, Leda decides to defeat them herself. To achieve her goal, she’ll have to face glowing wolves, a whacky monster, and one snobby elk. However, between puzzling over enchanted maps and trekking through a strange forest, defeating bad guys turns out to be harder than it looks. Especially when you’ve never picked up a sword before.

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Interested in knowing whether a book is worth reading? Or maybe you just want to see if someone had the same reaction to its crazy ending. You've come to the right place!

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